Miami Swim Week 2018

July couldn’t get any hotter, thanks to Miami Swim Week

July couldn’t get any hotter, thanks to Miami Swim Week Fashion has inspired us for times immemorial and when it comes to new arrivals in the swimwear, who can stop talking about the sizzling Miami Swim Week?

Hello everyone.

Today, as a result of a promise to my Spanish followers in “Animal de Compania” Podcast, and cause Fashion is also part of my life, I’m giving you a sneak peek into the Swim Fashion Week that happened around here from July 12 to 17.

For those who don’t have any idea about the grandeur of the event, it is the world’s top performing stage for swimwear industry, and almost every year, budding brands come out of the shade to show what they got.

So, what you can expect there are an array of young models flaunting their perfect bodies in sometimes near-to-nude itty-bitty bikinis, a host of trade shows, car shows, and the sights of beautiful talented people eking out in the pool of greater talent.

I experienced just that. It was fun yet overwhelming to see fashion shows taking place in every hotel. Glamour was everywhere, even in the colossal tent at Collins Park. That was true for every single day of the week.

Starting with the trade shows, the most anticipated ones were the Hammock, Cabana, and the SwimShow. These three trade events are thought to have started the week in the first place with SwimShow boasting some 2,500 brands this year. You can imagine how many swimwear enthusiasts would have flocked to the Miami Beach Convention Center whole week.

Fashion shows went parallel to the trade shows and the major production houses such as Planet Fashion, Paraiso, and Art Hearts Fashion set their own stage to let some air to the already established and new designers. If I go on writing the names of the designers here, this post would go longer than intended. Still, some of the famous names’ collections that people feasted on were Kya Swim, Heidi Klum (I ran into her), MAAJI, Monte, some fresh Aussie delights from the Fashion Palette agency such as Aqua Blu, TJ Swim, Lil & Emm, Frankie Swimwear, Art Heart Fashion’s Zimmermann, Caroline Constas, and a plethora of other designers, even a 19-year old designer named Stephanie Princi who showed her knack for the swimwear at the Paraiso fashion fair.

She could showcase her talent to a wider audience because the Paraiso was open to all. However, some productions didn’t want to flank the runway with people who only wanted to see some skin rather than fashion; and so, their fashion shows were invite-only. I’m talking about the 13 th and 14 th July Planet Fashion’s show at the Loews.

Of course, how can we leave out the celebs? Events throughout the week were dotted with celebrities of all kind. Christie Brinkley was there, I could see Hunter McGrady, and oh! How can I forget Ryan Phillippe?

Summing up everything, I had a blast. However, with that, I wondered how the new designers and models survived in such a swarm of talent? I wondered why, at the end of the day, I heard some people only noticing which model was sexier and had the best curves or what was the best party rather than which designer did well?

This is me, signing off from here. I leave you with the photos I took at the event. Feast on them as you like!


Julio no ha podido ser más caliente, gracias a Miami Swim Week 

Hola a todos, como les comenté en el Podcast de “Animal de Compañia”, esta vez les contaré hoy hablaremos de la Semana de la Moda de Trajes de baño en Miami. En el mes de Julio, pleno Verano en el Hemisferio Norte, se realizó una nueva edición del Miami Swim Week. Todo el dia, en distintos puntos de South Beach, hay presentaciones desde marcas establecidas a diseñadores que quieren hacerse conocer en todo lo referido a trajes de baño y accesorios de playa. Al final del día, hay tantos eventos, tantas opciones de Shows a todas horas y tantas modelos jóvenes y hermosas y gente participando que a veces los mismos diseñadores pasan a un segundo lugar. Es un poquito de ver que hay, quien está y dejarse ver…

Una semana de intensa actividad en la ciudad donde podremos asistir por ejemplo a varios shows en una carpa gigante a pasos de la playa en South Beach, a desfiles en los hoteles mas famosos y en el Convention Center de Miami, todo eso acompañado de la maravillosa vida noctura de la ciudad de Miami hace que las opciones, a la hora de elegir, sean realmente muchas!

Me pregunto como hacen aquellos que están empezando, para hacer negocios, quienes son los compradores?. Porque es mucho trabajo y muy costoso para presentarse en un show. Y la gente parece mas interesada en socializar que en recordar la marca. Es mi apreciación personal. Pero sea como sea, muchísimo movimiento en el Verano de Miami. Muchisimas fiestas y marcas de autos sumándose al Swim Week. A propósito, tuve el agrado de saludar a Heidi Klum, que también estaba presentando su línea de trajes de bañio. Muy simpática, y siempre hermosísima! Estaba presentando una línea bastante tranquila, lo mas destacado para mi fueron las telas brillosas. Los trajes de baño este año han sido tradicionales aunque muy sexies. Y asi también uno se encuentra con algún que otro famoso en el mundo de la Moda. Aquí les comparto algunas fotos.

Gracias por estar y compartir, un beso y nos vemos en el siguiente post.







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