Miami Swim Week 2018

July couldn’t get any hotter, thanks to Miami Swim Week

July couldn’t get any hotter, thanks to Miami Swim Week Fashion has inspired us for times immemorial and when it comes to new arrivals in the swimwear, who can stop talking about the sizzling Miami Swim Week?

Hello everyone.

Today, as a result of a promise to my Spanish followers in “Animal de Compania” Podcast, and cause Fashion is also part of my life, I’m giving you a sneak peek into the Swim Fashion Week that happened around here from July 12 to 17.

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Mi Papá / My Dad

Hola a todos! Ha pasado tiempo desde que escribí aqui, la verdad. Tengo toda clase de excusas, todas ella entendibles para no escribir. Muchas cosas! Viajes, proyectos, y mucho mas. Este año comenzó con muchísimo movimiento, cambios, cosas no planeadas. Asi que cuando regresaba a mi lugar donde podía relajarme, estaba muy cansada para escribir. En si estaba planeando en “mañana”… Suena familiar no? Claro!, y al dia siguiente, mas cosas que hacer, y asi el tiempo fue pasando y yo sin hacer una de las cosas que me gusta y que me encanta compartir con Uds. Asi que todo esto me hizo pensar de la importancia de parar, de tomarse un break, de fijarse en lo que realmente uno quiere lograr y tomarse el tiempo de comprometerse con uno mismo, y conseguir lo que uno quiere. Así que ahora, mirando un poquito hacia atrás, me doy cuenta de todo eso, y estoy tratando de mejorar, claro, y de establecer prioridades. Estoy haciendo lo mejor que puedo conmigo misma, y claro, con todos!

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Happy Valentine's Day - Feliz Dia de San Valentin!

Today is a wonderful day to give a meaningful gift, a small detail, or just something to the loved one.

Moreover, even if you do not have your other “half” yet or if you are alone at this moment, it is always a good moment to remind you to love yourself.

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Paintings and roles / Pinturas y roles

Paintings and roles

In this new post on my blog, one more time, I’d like to talk about different things, but I decided to go in to one of my most favorite ones, the paintings, and at the same time make a suggestion to all the ones that are related in some way to the world of Arts.

On the other hand, I want you to know that I am very grateful for all the messages I received. People are asking me, but at the end of the day, what do you do? What are you? An artist? A fashion model? Anchor in TV?

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Amigos / Friends



Recently, as I mentioned in the previous post, I traveled to Argentina, and of course, as mostly of people, I feel a lot of emotions visiting the country we come from.

The family, the customs, the known places, the memories, the things we left behind but that are still in there or even more, still in our hearts, almost everything cause a lot of emotions.

But this time I want to talk about friends, those unconditional brothers and sisters that we found in our path through life. When I paint, I represent the friendship with my famous trees, cause they are always in there through the years, making a landscape beautiful, whether it is summer or even in the cold winters, like the good friends in good and bad moments, always there.

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The muse

Writing a blog is an exercise of the mind.

Accepting this “challenge” every week is almost a world to me. And I need to ask you for patience, since English is not my first language and I’m not an expert writing, but I do this with sincerity and the very best intentions of sharing my thoughts and feelings.

“What do I say this week?” I ask myself when the deadline of the week is approaching. So many adventures and experiences to share in a new chapter of my just released personal blog.

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Mar A Lago

When there is an event in the super famous “Mar A Lago” of Palm Beach, we are talking about “The Event”.

This incredible place not only is over the top, but is the residence in Florida of the President of USA, Mr. Trump. 

So many hyphenated society people meet and enjoy Mar A Lago, such a privilege to be able to go in and be part of that aesthetic. That is where the OLIVIA PRECKEL luncheon and fashion show was organized, where the most distinguished area ladies enjoyed and had, according to them, “a wonderful time”.

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Hola 2018 / Hello 2018

Lo primero que siento cuando miro hácia el 2017, es gratitud. Ha sido un año de intenso aprendizaje y experiencias.

Todas esas maravillosas experiencias me han servido para crecer, no sólo en lo profesional, sino también en lo personal.

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